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Community Resources🔗


The following libraries are not approved, created, or endorsed by Guilded.

Many of these libraries are represented in the community-driven server for developers. There you'll find community members who can help answer questions about the API, community libraries, bot creation, and other development questions.

Guilded Libraries (alphabetical)🔗
Name Language API Support
Gdd.js TypeScript Official*
Guild.js JavaScript Official*
GuildScript JavaScript Client
Guilded.NET C# Official*
Guilded4J Java Official*
Guildedeno Deno Client
gapi TypeScript Client
guilded.js JavaScript Client Python Client, Official*

* The official API is currently in early access, so you will need explicit approval from a Guilded staff member to use it, and by extension, the libraries that wrap it.

Embed Visualizers🔗

From an API standpoint, Discord and Guilded use the exact same Embed format. They do look a bit different in the client, but you can use the following resources to easily make some neato JSON for use in your Guilded messages.