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Status Codes in the API🔗

Similarly to any other REST API, HTTP response codes are returned based on the success of each of your requests. The following table can be used as a reference. It is a modified version of Discord's table for the same purpose.

HTTP Response Codes🔗
Code Meaning
200 (OK) The request completed successfully.
201 (CREATED) The entity was created successfully.
204 (NO CONTENT) The request completed successfully and returned no content.
304 (NOT MODIFIED) The entity was not modified (no action was taken).
400 (BAD REQUEST) The request was improperly formatted, or the server couldn't understand it.
401 (UNAUTHORIZED) Proper authorization was not passed or passed improperly.
403 (FORBIDDEN) The authorization you passed is not allowed to access this resource.
404 (NOT FOUND) The resource at the location specified doesn't exist.
405 (METHOD NOT ALLOWED) The HTTP method used is not valid for the location specified.
429 (TOO MANY REQUESTS) You are being rate limited.
502 (GATEWAY UNAVAILABLE) There was not a gateway available to process your request. Wait a bit and retry.
5xx (SERVER ERROR) The server had an error processing your request (these are rare).