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Webhooks are an easy way to post messages to team channels. They do not require any authentication to use other than the webhook ID & token itself (keep tokens secret!).

Webhook Object🔗

Webhook Structure🔗
Field Type Description
id uuid the id of the webhook
name string the default name of the webhook
token? string the webhook's token. required for execution
channelId uuid the channel id this webhook is for
teamId team id the team's id this webhook is for
iconUrl ?string the default avatar of the webhook
createdBy user id the user's id who created this webhook
createdAt ISO8601 timestamp when this webhook was created
deletedAt ?ISO8601 timestamp when this webhook was deleted
Example Webhook🔗
  "id": "5b3723f8-c82e-404d-bb56-02bbfb242e47",
  "name": "cool webhook for cool people",
  "token": "yXEUjW1HskqGwsCWZBqGiYW4MGWAWq0sqCp8igYgQWcgNmYMu6gswa24CgoE2Akqk00YS8GYMkeqKUKKlAUYua",
  "channelId": "b1b9451a-f758-4e49-aa81-0b148939ffeb",
  "teamId": "4R5q39VR",
  "iconUrl": "",
  "createdBy": "EdVMVKR4",
  "createdAt": "2021-03-18T23:39:21.320Z",
  "deletedAt": null

Execute Webhook🔗



This endpoint no longer supports GitHub payloads. See guilded-webhook-proxy for an alternative.

Send a message through a webhook. Returns a message object.

JSON/Form Params🔗
Field Type Description Required
content string the message contents (up to 2000 characters) one of content, embeds
embeds array of embeds up to 10 embeds one of content, embeds
files[n]* file contents up to 10 files false
payload_json* string JSON encoded body of non-file params multipart/form-data only
username string override the webhook's default username false
avatar_url string override the webhook's default avatar false

* See Uploading Files for details.